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Exploring Memorial Options : Beyond Traditional Burials

Memorializing a loved one is a deeply personal and meaningful process. While traditional burials have been practised for centuries, people today are increasingly seeking alternative memorial options that allow them to create unique and personalized tributes. Caring for and remembering the deceased is part of what makes us human.

Cremated Remains

Cremation has gained popularity as an alternative to traditional burials. Cremated remains can be preserved in many different ways.

  • Traditional Oak Casket with an engraved name plate ~ still is the most popular option as the cremated remains can either be kept at home or buried in a Churchyard, Cemetery or garden.
  • Urns ~ there are countless lists of urn’s to choose from and just a simple google search will show options, or most Funeral Directors have brochures available.
  • Willow or Wicker baskets ~ Somerset Willow
  • Scatter Tubes ~ available in many different sizes with different designs. Some people choose to scatter ashes in a meaningful location, a favourite park, bench, the seaside or even in the mountains. This option allows for connection between the deceased and nature, creating a serene and lasting tribute. You should always seek permission from the landowner.
  • Memorial Gardens ~ many cemeteries and memorial gardens offer spaces specifically designed for the interment of cremated remains. These gardens provide a tranquil setting for families to visit and remember their friends and family.
  • Memorial books ~ at crematoriums, cemeteries and Church’s

Memorial Jewellery

Memorial jewellery is another innovative way to keep the memory of a loved one close to your heart, quite literally.

  • Very Berry Charms, based in Midsomer Norton (Jewellery – Very Berry Charms) Their jewellery has become very popular with many of our clients. They attend our offices to take a finger or thumb print from your loved one this can then be incorporated into different silver jewellery options

There are also lots of other options available with 100’s of different companies offering different things such as:

  • Ashes Pendants
  • Memorial Bracelets
  • Cremation rings
  • Hand and feet casting
  • Resin can also be used to preserve ashes, flowers, hair etc.
  • We can obtain locks of hair, take hand prints, foot prints and finger prints

Another of the latest options is for the cremated remains to be placed in a large photo frame, this can be stood, maybe with a memorial candle and some flowers in a dedicated corner, or hung, like any other photograph on a wall, to give comfort every time you pass.

Very small amounts of cremated remains can even be incorporated into tattoos so that you will always carry your loved one with you.

Your local Funeral Director can help with all of these decisions and recommend local, reliable independent retailers.

Exploring Memorial Options : Beyond Traditional Burials

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