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Famous Graves – John Skinner

John Skinner born in 1772, was the vicar at St. Peter’s Church, Camerton from 1800-1839.  It is thought that he is interred in the churchyard at Camerton, in an unmarked grave, even though he took his own life by shooting.

He was an amateur archaeologist and he uncovered many barrows in the area including Priddy & Stony Littleton.  During his many digs he discovered cremated remains, daggers, spear heads, amber beads, rings and an incense cup, all from the bronze age.

He kept very detailed journals with sketches and watercolours of his many travels and expeditions.  These were donated to the British Library, with instructions that they should not be opened for 50 years. So they were published many years after his death.

The hamlet of Tunley comes under the parish of Camerton & is part of the benefice of Timsbury with Priston, Camerton & Dunkerton within the deanery of Midsomer Norton.

John Skinner

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